Who Could Ask For Anything More is a new web series in the style of an old MGM musical and a silent film. We have a girl. We have a boy. We have a dog, a milkman, a wedding and so much more! Find out where this enchanting story takes us with nine dance-filled episodes. Enjoy the pilot now, and we'll see you with the rest of the series this spring! This show will leave you asking, "Who could ask for anything more?"

The Pilot

We meet The Girl.  We meet The Boy.  They meet each other.  Who could ask for anything more?  You have to watch to find out!

The Second Episode

The Girl goes on the hunt for a new job. Meanwhile, The Boy and The Fiance have a rather uncomfortable time at brunch. Luckily, The Girl finds a job as a tutor for the family of a certain special someone. Stay tuned for The Third Episode to premiere July 20th!

The Third Episode

We meet The Girl's Family.  Later, The Boy and The Girl run into each other for the first time since their thrilling dance on the stairs.  This makes The Boy conflicted, as he has feelings for The Girl but is already engaged to The Fiance.  Later, as The Girl is leaving work, she discovers The Boy's pocket watch and reminisces about how they first met.  But as she goes to pick it up, she meets someone that changes everything.  Stay tuned for The Fourth Episode to premiere in the fall!

The Fourth Episode

The Boy runs into The Girl, and he quickly discovers that she knows he's engaged.  With The Girl mad at him, he turns to The Best Friend, who points him in the right direction.  Meanwhile, we meet The Milkman and watch him deliver his milk to The Fiance.  Then, all of a sudden, The Best Friend falls in love with someone you may not expect.  Stay tuned for The Fifth Episode to premiere late this fall! 

The Fifth Episode

On The Girl's way to work, she runs into The Boy, who she is none too pleased to see, and The Mother.  It turns out that The FiancĂ© is unable to attend their Wedding Dance Lesson, so The Girl is forced to go in her place.  Luckily, as they dance, they forget why they are mad at each other.  On their way out, they run into The Best Friend, and a rivalry soon develops between the two men about their affection for The Girl.  Later, The Girl sees something that she can never forget.  Stay tuned for The Sixth Episode!

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